Colombia signs historic peace deal with Farc

The Colombian government and leftist Farc rebels have signed a revised peace agreement to end more than 50 years of conflict, despite continued objections by many who rejected the original deal in an October referendum.

Horror attack on monks: Manhunt as masked gunman knifes nun at Montpellier retirement home

The woman was killed with a knife after contacting authorities and was found by police with her three stab wounds, according to local media.

Finland plans to phase out coal by 2030 (Update)

In a move to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Finland on Thursday announced plans to phase out coal within 14 years, cut oil imports by half and substantially increase the number of electric cars on the roads—partly to meet targets set by the European Union.

Hundreds flee Balochistan’s Dasht area as military raids continue – Balochistan Times

Baloch nationalist activists have started a social media campaign on social media to highlight the military operation in the Dasht area of Balochistan’s Makran region.

Venezuela’s Currency Just Had the Biggest Monthly Collapse Ever

Venezuela’s currency - the so-called “strong bolivar” - is weakening beyond levels that analysts had forecast just a few weeks ago as an expanding money supply chases a limited amount of U.S. dollars.

Living cells bind silicon and carbon for the first time

Silicon is all around us: after oxygen, it is the most abundant element in Earth’s crust.

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Beavers given native species status after reintroduction to Scotland

Large populations of wild beavers living in the southern and western Highlands of Scotland are to be allowed to expand naturally after ministers granted them protected status.

China says it is caring for refugees from Myanmar fighting

BEIJING (AP) — China is caring for about 3,000 refugees who have entered its territory to escape fighting in Myanmar between the government and ethnic rebels, including some who have been injured, the foreign ministry said Tuesday.

Chinese power station collapse – News Trice

Almost 70 people killed in a Chinese Power Station Collapse, here in Jiangxi province during the construction work.

Death toll rises after “thunderstorm asthma” outbreak strikes Australia

At least four people have died and hundreds were sent to the hospital this week in Melbourne, Australia after an outbreak of "thunderstorm asthma" struck late Monday.

UK scientists excited by surprise £2-billion government windfall

British scientists are not used to hearing about large increases in national research spending.

Pro-Trump Breitbart plans European expansion | All media content | DW.COM | 23.11.2016

Pro-Trump Breitbart plans European expansion | All media content | DW.COM | 23.11.2016

Huge earthquake strikes off El Salvador

The quake was centred 153km south west of Puerto El Triunfo, at a depth of 33km, the USGS reported.


Since Operation Car Wash began ravaging Brazil’s political scene, there has been no shortage of initiatives to boycott the anti-corruption investigation.

US Navy admits data of 130,000 sailors has been stolen

The US Navy is investigating the theft of data belonging to more than 130,000 sailors seeking re-inlistment in the service.

Scotland could trial giving each citizen a universal basic income

Scotland could roll out a universal basic income pilot after a trial won huge backing from anti-poverty campaigners. 

New dominant ant species discovered in Ethiopia shows potential for global invasion

A team of scientists conducting a recent biodiversity survey in the ancient church forests of Ethiopia made an unexpected discovery -- a rather infamous ant species (Lepisiota canescens) displaying signs of supercolony formation.