Stargazers Help Track Down a Freshly Fallen Meteorite in Western Australia

But tracking down meteorite fragments that may have survived their entry into the Earth’s atmosphere is a different story.

Elephant Refugees Flee to Last Stronghold in Africa

With low, guttural bellows, they push their bodies together, forming a living raft to bolster a calf too tiny to stay afloat on its own.

Iceland sues Iceland – Iceland Monitor

The Government of Iceland has started legal action against British frozen food chain Iceland Foods.

The list of organisations that will be allowed to view your entire internet history

Organisations including the Food Standards Agency and the Department for Work and Pensions will be able to see UK citizens’ entire internet browsing history within weeks.

Iraqi forces cut off Islamic State’s last supply line to Mosul, setting stage for...

Forces battling the Islamic State group in northern Iraq have cut off the jihadists’ last supply line from Mosul to Syria, trapping them in the city for a bloody last stand.

Brexit leader Nigel Farage moving to the US: report

Brexit leader Nigel Farage is planning to move to the U.S., according to a new report.

Shia pilgrims among 77 people killed in IS attack in Iraq – BBC News

Some 77 people, most of them Shia pilgrims from Iran and Afghanistan, have been killed in a truck bomb attack in Iraq, officials say.

Russia to Send 2 Be-200 Amphibious Aircraft to Battle Israel Fires

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Two Russian Emergencies Ministry Be-200 amphibious aircraft will be dispatched to Israel to help extinguish wildfires raging since the start of the week, the ministry said Thursday.

Turkey sends planes to help Israel extinguish wildfires

Six countries send aircraft to help Israel put out wildfires that have broken out across country

Police: Wave of arson hits Israel

Fires have broken out from the north to the south in the last two days.

Netanyahu says arson suspected as wildfires rage across Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that there were signs that some of the wildfires sweeping across Israel were deliberate acts of arson as he called for foreign assistance to help douse the flames.

60,000 flee massive fires raging across Haifa; arson suspected

Some sixty thousand people were evacuated from their homes in Haifa Thursday as a wave of wildfires threatened the bay metropolis, bolstered by high winds and dry conditions that have contributed to a spate of blazes across the country this week.

‘Israel is burning’: Palestinians, Arab world rejoice over fires

The hashtag "Israel is burning" or "the Zionist entity is burning" has become one of the top trends on Arab media over the past 24 hours, with countless of people gloating over the recent rash of fire plaguing Israel over the past three days.

Scientists Think They Finally Found Evidence of Ancient Life on Mars

We’ve written about why scientists believe Mars is one of the places in our solar system most likely to have alien life.

Astronomers Have Traced the Source of the Most Powerful Radio Signal Ever Received From...

Scientists have observed the most powerful fast radio burst (FRB) ever – an intensely brilliant burst of radiation emanating from outside our own Milky Way galaxy.

Turkey to retaliate after suspected Syrian air strike kills soldiers

ANKARA Turkey said it would retaliate after three of its soldiers were killed in what the military said was a suspected Syrian air strike, the first such deaths at the hands of Syrian government forces since Ankara launched a cross-border incursion in August.

Britain WILL send 800 troops to join NATO forces in Estonia, UK Defence Secretary...

In a statement released by the Ministry of Defence on Wednesday, Michael Fallon said: "The UK will send 800 personnel to Estonia as one of four framework battalions to NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence, to which France and Denmark will contribute further troops".

A Decommissioned NASA Rover Might Have Found Evidence of Past Life on Mars

Geologists working in northern Chile have found similarities between hot spring silica deposits on Earth and deposits photographed on Mars nine years ago – and they think they could be evidence of past life on the Red Planet.