Ikea India Announces 26-Week Parental Leave For Both Men, Women – NDTV

New Delhi: Furnishings company Ikea India has announced a new parental leave policy in which all employees, including men, will be entitled to six months of parental paid leave from this month.

US makes formal apology to Britain after White House accuses GCHQ of wiretapping Trump...

The US has made a formal apology to Britain after the White House accused GCHQ of helping Barack Obama spy on Donald Trump in the White House.

Japan holds first civilian missile evacuation drill

The Japanese government held its first-ever drill Friday to protect citizens in case a ballistic missile is launched toward Japan.

“We are not ready”: Experts warn world is unprepared for next Ebola-size outbreak

Is the world ready to defend against the next big infectious disease outbreak?

Missiles fired from Syria at Israeli jets after airstrikes

Syria said it launched anti-aircraft missiles against Israeli warplanes in Israeli-controlled territory early on Friday, following a series of Israeli airstrikes inside Syria — a rare military exchange between the two hostile Mideast neighbors that was confirmed by both countries.

Australia’s Anglican church gets 1,115 child abuse complaints – BBC News

More than 1,100 complaints of child sexual abuse have been made against the Anglican Church of Australia, a royal commission inquiry has heard.

Mysterious pyramid-shaped tomb found underground in China

A mysterious pyramid-shaped tomb has been uncovered by archaeologists under a construction site in China. 

Oklahoma lawmaker, found with boy in motel, charged with prostitution

An Oklahoma Republican state senator who campaigned as a champion of family values was booked on felony prostitution charges on Thursday after police found him in a motel room with a teenage boy and drugs, court documents showed.

India to Impose Fat Tax on Junk Food

A war is brewing in the world’s largest democracy as global food and beverage giants see one of their most integral target markets slipping away in light of new proposed regulation.

Tillerson says diplomacy with North Korea has ‘failed’; Pyongyang warns of war

TOKYO — The Trump administration made a clear break Thursday with diplomatic efforts to talk North Korea out of a nuclear confrontation, bringing the United States and its Asian allies closer to a military response than at any point in more than a decade.

Facebook to send delegation for investigating blasphemous content: Interior ministry

Popular social networking website Facebook will send a delegation to Pakistan for investigating content which the government considers to be blasphemous, a spokesperson from the Ministry of Interior said.

Exclusive: US Says it Carried Out Deadly Strike that Hit an Aleppo Mosque

Military officials have confirmed to Airwars that a strike in rural Aleppo which reportedly left dozens dead in and around a mosque was carried out by US aircraft.

Busted! US Soldiers Caught with $12M Worth of Crystal Meth in South Korea

Two South Korean nationals have also been detained, the law enforcement office said.

Cocoa industry agrees plan to tackle deforestation

Major chocolate makers, including Ferrero, Nestle and Mars, agreed Thursday a landmark initiative to tackle deforestation in top cocoa producers Ivory Coast and Ghana -- a move hailed by Prince Charles.

Report: Israel has established ‘apartheid regime’

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) — A report published by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia that concludes that Israel has established an "apartheid regime" drew swift criticism from the U.N. and Israeli officials on Wednesday.

NASA study confirms biofuels reduce jet engine pollution

The findings are the result of a cooperative international research program led by NASA and involving agencies from Germany and Canada, and are detailed in a study published in the journal Nature.

Pakistan wants Facebook, Twitter to help identify people suspected of blasphemy

Pakistan has asked Facebook and Twitter to help identify users in violation of its strict blasphemy laws.

Scottish independence: Referendum demand ‘will be rejected’ – BBC News

The UK government is to reject calls for a Scottish independence referendum before Brexit after Theresa May said "now is not the time".