Dalai Lama hopes President Trump, Putin will work for peace

NEW DELHI -- The Dalai Lama said he hopes that President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will work together for global peace.

Police catch 47 drivers an hour using mobile phones at the wheel in crackdown

More than 40 drivers were caught every hour during a police crackdown on illegal mobile phone use behind the wheel.

Anti-abortion ‘Mexico City Policy’ is revived by Trump

President Trump on Monday reinstated a US policy preventing foreign nonprofit groups that receive federal funds from administering abortions or providing abortion counseling or referrals.

Trump signs order withdrawing U.S. from Trans-Pacific trade deal

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Iran to resume enhanced nuclear program if Trump dishonors P5+1 agreement

The head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), Ali Akbar Salehi, said Tehran reserves the right to “act appropriately” if Washington reconsiders the so-called P5+1 deal on the Iranian nuclear program.

While the world was watching Trump, Russia just quietly enlarged its military presence in...

Russia has signed a long-term agreement with the Syrian government to greatly expand its military presence in the country, despite a recent statement from the Russian army’s chief of staff that Moscow would begin a military exit from the Syrian conflict.

Pope Francis warns against rise of populist leaders ‘like Hitler’

Pope Francis has warned against the rise of populist leaders like Adolf Hitler.

Mark Zuckerberg is trying to force hundreds of Hawaii families to leave their ancestral...

Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly suing Hawaiian families who have ancestral rights to land within his $100 million (£81.2 million) property in a bid to force them to sell their plots. 

Switzerland rejects post-Brexit alliance with UK against EU

F?ll?w?ng Theresa May’s 12-point Brexit blueprint speech, Swiss foreign minister Didier Burkhalter said: “We w?nt good, m??b? ?v?n closer ties w?th Britain.

China, Philippines agree to cooperate on 30 projects worth $3.7 billion

China has agreed to cooperate with the Philippines on 30 projects worth $3.7 billion focusing on poverty reduction, the two countries said after a meeting in Beijing on Monday.

German police arrest man on suspicion of planning attack

Special forces police arrested the man and a woman during a raid on an apartment in the western city of Neuss on Saturday, a spokesman for the Criminal Investigation Office (LKA) said.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has a brutal theory of how America went wrong over...

DAVOS, Switzerland — Alibaba founder Jack Ma thinks America went wrong over the past 30 years by focusing too much on war and Wall Street.

Diplomat says China would assume world leadership if needed

BEIJING China does not want world leadership but could be forced to assume that role if others step back from that position, a senior Chinese diplomat said on Monday, after U.S. President Donald Trump pledged to put "America first" in his first speech.

British cops use a Taser on a black man they thought was a robber....

Judah Adunbi has spent the greater part of a decade trying to improve relations between police in southwestern England and the members of his Afro-Caribbean community.

Dollar tumbles in Asia trade amid fears over Trump trade policy

The dollar dropped in Asia trade on Monday after newly sworn-in President Donald Trump announced plans to implement a protectionist agenda.

Tell us something we don’t know! Vancouver world leader in housing unaffordability, says annual...

For yet another year, Vancouver has the dubious honour of being one of the top 10 cities in the world when it comes to unaffordable housing.

Kellyanne Conway draws fire after “alternative facts” defense

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, drew widespread criticism Sunday after she defended White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s press briefing on inauguration crowd sizes, saying the newly minted spokesman had given “alternative facts” to those cited in media reports.

Government uses Trump inauguration to quietly bury tax credit ‘rape clause’

Women whose third child is born following a sexual assault will be forced to provide evidence of the rape or face losing tax credits, under controversial plans quietly rolled out by the Government on the day Donald Trump was inaugurated.