Helicopter crashes in Iran, killing five: official

TEHRAN: Five people on board an Iranian helicopter were killed when it crashed into the Caspian Sea on Sunday, state television reported.

Samsung Electronics to consider split – Seoul Economic Daily

A split would allow the heirs of the founding Lee family to strengthen their grip on the global smartphone leader, the crown jewel of the Samsung Group business empire.

Bank of England prepares to protect City firms from hard Brexit

The Bank of England is pushing ahead with plans for transitional arrangements after Brexit negotiations in an attempt to protect financial institutions from a cliff edge deal that could undermine their stability.

China detains nine for collapsed power plant disaster that killed 74

The accident happened on Thursday morning in Fengcheng, in Jiangxi province, during work on a cooling tower for a coal-fired power plant.

China Freezes Bilateral Diplomacy With Mongolia Over Dalai Lama Visit

Diplomatic ties between Mongolia and China are set for a freeze.

Moroccan state TV shows women how to hide signs of domestic violence

Women in Morocco have reacted in horror after a programme on state television demonstrated how they could use makeup to cover up evidence of domestic violence.

Iran Helicopter Crash: Oil Rig Chopper Crashes Into Caspian Sea, Killing 5

An Iranian helicopter carrying five people crashed into the Caspian Sea early Sunday, killing all aboard, according to reports.

Income inequality up in Spain despite recent economic growth

Inequality is one of the biggest consequences of the economic crisis in Spain.

Syrian civilians flood into government-controlled territory in Aleppo

ALEPPO, Syria, Nov. 27 (UPI) -- Hundreds of Syrian civilians are fleeing into portions of Aleppo newly controlled by government-backed forces.

Uganda police arrest Rwenzururu king over deadly clashes – BBC News

Police in western Uganda have arrested the king of Rwenzururu over clashes between police and militia which killed at least 55 people, officials say.

Price of coal surges setting miners against activists by english seaside

In northeastern England, a battle is raging between grass roots campaigners and a company intent on digging a new open cast mine as world coal prices soar.

Controversial Iraqi militias now part of army after parliament vote

Iraq’s parliament voted on Saturday to integrate the controversial Popular Mobilisation Units (PMUs) into the country’s armed forces.

French elections: Alain Juppé concedes defeat to François Fillon in rightwing primary – as it...

From the very first set of official results released at around 7.30pm GMT, François Fillon held a commanding lead in the rightwing primary - and he never showed the slightest sign of relinquishing it.

Parents are furious after a London primary school introduced same-sex toilets

An east London primary school has provoked a furious backlash from parents after it introduced same-sex toilets for pupils over the age of eight.

Tuning Out

Young people are turning off sport on the box -- something that will strike fear into television executives who hoped live matches would be immune from the diversions of Netflix and video games.

11 Daesh-linked militants killed in southern Philippines siege

MANILA: Government troops have killed at least 11 members of a rebel group in the southern Philippines that has pledged allegiance to the Daesh group, the military said, sending local communities fleeing as a battle raged on Sunday.

BC Greens Pitch a Five-Year Basic Income Pilot Project | The Tyee

The British Columbia Green Party is proposing a pilot project that would provide residents of a small municipality in the province with a basic income, or guaranteed minimum income, for at least five years.

Islamic State gone, Mosul district residents adjust to new life

Now, most of them are Iraqi security forces who recaptured the Gogjali neighborhood earlier this month and are pushing further into the city, which has been under Islamic State control for more than two years.