Newly inaugurated US President Donald Trump has decided not to send a US delegation to planned talks on Syria’s civil war, which begin in the Kazakh capital next week.
Theresa May has dodged four times a question on whether she knew about a Trident nuclear missile malfunction ahead of a Parliamentary debate.
The state has reportedly granted two Israeli banks immunity from lawsuits accusing them of financing terrorism, in a bid to prevent them from ending cooperation with Palestinian banks.
Israel has approved hundreds of new settlement homes in occupied East Jerusalem, after the staunch pro-Israel US President Donald Trump took office.
Israeli authorities have approved building permits for 566 settler homes in occupied East Jerusalem, according to local officials, a move that has drawn condemnation from Palestinian leaders.
Iceland is digging world’s deepest geothermal borehole into the heart of a volcano at a depth of 3.10 miles (5 km) to tap renewable energy.
Thought Dubai emergency services couldn’t get any cooler?
NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A group of teenage boys who posted a video online of themselves raping two girls must not be allowed to evade jail by paying for their crime in camels, campaigners said, in a case that has sparked outrage in the conservative Horn of Africa country.
“The delegation will consist of representatives from the five parties involved in the government cabinet, together with Turkmen, Chaldean, and Assyrian delegates,” Saadi Pire, a politburo member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, revealed to Rudaw.
Four airstrikes hit the Guards School north of the capital city according to Yemen’s Saba news agency.