The seafood industry in New Zealand has asked the government to withhold graphic video of dead sea life caught in trawler nets as they are potentially damaging to fisheries and to brand New Zealand.
Officials investigating the Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election are scrutinizing newly uncovered financial transactions between the Russian government and people or businesses inside the United States.
Tuesday morning, Jan. 16, a South Korean petition against the regulation of virtual currency reached the amount of signatures required to compel a response from the government.
Presidential candidate for the conservative National Integration Party (PIN in Spanish), Diego Castro, caused controversy in Costa Rica after he called environmentalist groups "eco-terrorists."
A man has died after setting himself on fire in front of a government building in southern Russia, reportedly after being fired from his company.
A council has moved to ban anti-abortion protesters from outside a Marie Stopes clinic in west London.
MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian track and field federation says it has launched an investigation after dozens of athletes reportedly withdrew from a competition following the arrival of drug testers.
Sweden first issued an advisory pamphlet on how to cope with the outbreak of war in the 1940s.
Late last year, China’s Xi Jinping said it was time for the nation to “take center stage in the world.” There are many ways for China to do this, including promoting globalization, boosting foreign aid, and developing advanced technologies.
Russia’s health minister has said that Russians consume 80 percent less alcohol than they did five years ago, amid a decrease in smoking levels and an increase in the number of people who do sports.