After propelling Donald Trump into the White House, Breitbart News is turning its focus to Europe.
Casablanca – Morocco has reportedly contributed to the arrest of seven people suspected of preparing a terrorist attack in France.
Outrage over an attack on a woman who was dragged through the streets of a north German town behind a car with a rope tied around her neck has prompted hundreds of people to attend a vigil for her.
The government has temporarily decided to “raise to €2,500 the maximum amount of return aid” to foreigners (excepting those from the European Union or visa-exempt countries) who agree to voluntarily return to their home country, said Didier Leschi, the head of France’s immigration office, as cited by AFP. 
Every household will lose a staggering £1,250 a year because of the Brexit vote, independent forecasters say – as they painted a devastating picture of falling living standards, including no increase in real wages for at least another six years.
It’s definitely a contender.
Update (1.30pm, 25 November 2016): Following on from original reports, IBTimes UK has contacted Vegas del Condado council in the Province of Leon and learned that while donations from the billionaire Antonino Fernández have indeed benefitted the region, which includes his home village, there is no truth to reports that individual villagers have been made millionaires.
Millions of Shia Muslims have taken part in one of the biggest marches in the world, as they travel through Iraq in celebration of a famous Muslim martyr.
The Colombian government and leftist Farc rebels have signed a revised peace agreement to end more than 50 years of conflict, despite continued objections by many who rejected the original deal in an October referendum.
The woman was killed with a knife after contacting authorities and was found by police with her three stab wounds, according to local media.