President Erdo?an again remonstrates with the US for arming the YPG, calling describing military aid as a violation of NATO rules Turkey to US: Providing arms to YPG violation of NATO rules
A motion endorsing a committee report, which also called for more effort against attempts by Islamic State to radicalize Europeans, passed by 304 votes to 179.
Germany stops 20,000 migrants from entry
The investigation is being run out of Washington, not locally, the I-Team has learned.
Russian mafia behind international push on asbestos building products, CFMEU claims
A jirga in Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s (AJK) Neelum Valley, in order to settle a dispute, had a three-year-old girl married to a nine-year-old boy which police claim to be a case of Vani.
One person has been killed and several injured in a knife attack in a Hamburg supermarket, German police say.
Thousands took to the streets of central Hong Kong Saturday night holding candles as they marched in memory of pro-democracy Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.
For ExxonMobil, climate change has become that annoying friend who crashes every party and gets all the attention.
Just over a hundred years after it sank on its maiden voyage, a full scale replica of the Titanic is under construction in China.