A SCRUFFY beggar menacing people for cash was arrested by police – who found more than €550,000 in cash stuffed in his pockets.
The man was threatening people who would not hand him money outside the Resecentrum bus and train station in Uppsala, 50 miles north of Swedish capital Stockholm.
When apprehended by officers, bank notes began tumbling from his jacket pockets as they discovered he was carrying approximately six million krona – around €580,000.
Police chief Jale Poljarevius said: “I have never heard of so much money in a situation like this. There were just more and more bundles.
“Anyone who walks around with six million in cash will be a suspect of crime.”
The largest note in Sweden is 1,000 krona, meaning he had at least 6,000 notes. It took officers more than a day to count it all.
A spokesperson for Uppsala Police said the 55-year-old Swedish man was trying to get pennies …