SCIENTISTS fear an underwater supervolcano off the coast of Japan could blow and kill 100 million people.
Experts discovered a giant lava dome in the magma champer of ancient volcano, Kikai.
They believe it contains 32 cubic km (7.68 cubic miles) of magma, and distortions on its surface suggest it’s ready to blow.
The dome is a terrifying 6.2 miles wide and almost 2,000 feet tall.
Scientists are worried the volcano could erupt for the first time in 7,300 years – spitting debris into the atmospher which could block the sun and spark a volcanic winter.
Kobe Ocean-Bottom Exploration Center (KOBEC) researchers at Kobe University said the giant lava dome was created after a caldera-forming supereruption 7,300 years ago.
The sudden explosion is believed to have wiped out civilisations in prehistoric Japan.
Now experts fear a fresh eruption could even trigger deadly tsunamis, large enough to strike islands in Southern Japan, China and even North and South …