The cheering faces of North Korea’s Olympic charm offensive are carefully groomed and under constant surveillance to ensure they present an engaging image to the world, and to prevent any of them from trying to defect.
The over 200 member all female cheerleading squad, dressed often in matching red snowsuits, is the largest contingent of the North Korean delegation participating in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea. They have been prominently featured singing and cheering for the unified Korean female hockey team.
On Wednesday, the North Korean cheering squad and South Korean fans joined together in a unification chant, with the cheerleaders calling out “We are,” and the fans replying, “One,” while waiting for the Alpine skiing competition, that was eventually postponed due to high winds.
Often called North Korea’s “army of beauties,” their participation in the Olympics is seen by many as a hopeful symbol of inter-Korean reconciliation. …