A study carried out by 89up, a British communications and social media analytics firm, has concluded that there was a substantial amount of pro-Brexit Russian media interference during the UK’s 2016 EU referendum.
In November last year, the British Prime Minister Theresa May had accused Russia of “weaponizing information,” although May refrained from directly accusing the Kremlin government of meddling in the referendum.
The 89up’s founder and chief executive Mike Harris has no doubts that the Russian state media tried to influence British politics and the EU referendum in 2016. According to Harris, Kremlin-backed news outlets Sputnik and RT published more than 260 misleading, pro-Brexit articles that were viewed about 134 million times on Twitter. Harris said the anti-EU stories were shared so extensively on Twitter that they created greater impact compared to the official Vote Leave and Leave.eu campaigns. These two campaigns gathered only 33 million and 11 million views respectively …