As many as one in 25 people are classed as homeless in the worst-affected areas of England, a new study has shown.
Homeless charity Shelter said more than 268,000 people across England are homeless, although the number is a “conservative estimate”, with many more expected to be going unrecorded.
It said the leading cause was the loss of a private tenancy, with three in 10 cases coming as a result.
The government said it was “determined to tackle all forms of homelessness”.
Shelter has launched an urgent appeal to raise money for front-line services.
The definition of homelessness under law includes rough sleepers, single people in hostels and those in temporary accommodation.
Under these criteria, say Shelter, at least one in 206 people in England is classed as being homeless.
Broken down, this results in around 4,100 people sleeping on the streets and at least 242,000 in temporary accommodation.
A further 21,000 …