Heathrow Airport have said a duty free discount event run by its commercial partner World Duty Free which offered different rates to Chinese and non-Chinese customers at the weekend was “unacceptable”.
Chinese travellers were asked to pay a minimum spend of £1,000 ($1,381) to receive a 20% discount, while other shoppers paid £250 to receive the same offer.
Users on China’s social media platform Weibo shared their outrage after the policy was revealed on a blog viewed over 10 million times, and one person posted a picture of a flyer, in Chinese, offering the discount to tourists spending over £1,000.
A Heathrow spokesperson said: “We have been made aware of this offer which we find unacceptable.
“We are currently working with our commercial partner to understand how this happened and ensure it does not happen again.”
World Duty Free posted online: “We are grateful for the comments shared on social media today regarding our VIP …