The Alternative for Germany (AfD) is taking matters into its own hands and is launching its own online newsroom because it believes its not getting enough press or is being presented it in the way it would like.
Speaking to Focus magazine (link in German), AfD leader Alice Weidel said its TV newsroom, which will be launched in April, would offer an alternative public sphere to the established media. Weidel called it “an innovative turning point in the federal republic.”
“As long as the AFD is ignored by many media or deliberately maligned with fake news , this can be the only way,” Weidel said.
The plan is for a group of 20 staff working 24 hours a day to disseminate the party’s take on the German news. They’ll also spread the AfD’s messages and highlight topics that, according to Weidel, “have been swept under the carpet.” However, there’s resistance in the AfD …