A female Human rights activist, Noha al-Balawi has been held in detention for 17 days in Saudi Arabia and could be imprisoned for up to five years for criticizing the Saudi government’s attempts to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel, the rights group said.
Saudi arrested Noha on January 23 over a post she published on her Twitter page, denouncing the normalization of ties between Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and Israel’s officials “at the expense of the Palestinian issue”.
Noha, wearing a niqab in the video, said that Israeli-Saudi relations “would only serve the interests of the Zionist state, and would be to the detriment of Arab nations.”
“Normalization means accepting the occupation”, Noha said in reference to Israel’s continued control of Palestinian land.
“Let me make it clear; we will never recognize Israel no matter what it will cost us,” she added.
According to ALQST, a group advocating for human rights in Saudi Arabia, Saudi authorities reportedly questioned …