The CIA is pushing back against reports that American spies attempted to retrieve sensitive documents from a shadowy Russian, and were offered documents alleging compromising information about Donald Trump.
The Intercept’s James Risen first reported Friday that the U.S. intelligence community attempted to recover stolen NSA records related to hacking capabilities, and was working to repossess those records when Russians offered information about Mr. Trump and the 2016 campaign. A Russian who was working as a go-between for the Russians and the Americans asked the Americans for a payment, The Intercept reported. But the Americans were “ambivalent” about whether they wanted the documents allegedly related to Mr. Trump, Risen said on CBSN. 
“It’s a very complicated story,” Risen said on CBSN Saturday. “First, the CIA and the NSA were trying to recover stolen NSA documents that allow people to do very sophisticated hacks, and they were worried that those documents would allow …