A Chinese farmer, in his 60s, has spent 16 years studying the law so he can carry on a legal battle with the corporation that reportedly covered his village in tons of chemical waste. The story of Wang Enlin, who only had three years of school before he began his independent legal studies, was picked up by the British tabloid Daily Mail, and it’s now going hugely viral. 
Wang remembers playing cards with his neighbors while their village, Yushutun, flooded with wastewater in 2001, according to China’s People’s Daily. He blames the multi-million-dollar Qihua Group for dumping tens of thousands of tons of polyvinyl chloride into the village, ruining farmland and creating a 71-acre field covered in white calcium carbide slag. 
When he tried to report the pollution, he discovered he’d have to produce evidence against the company and bring a lawsuit. After years of hanging out in bookstores, studying legal volumes he …