DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Straight from the horse’s mouth.
President Duterte has admitted being a dictator as his critics have maintained.
“Yes, it is true. I am a dictator. I have to be a dictator for the good of the country,” the President told more than 200 former New People’s Army rebels who dined with him at Malacañang the other night.
The rebel returnees were from the Eastern Mindanao area, with whom he had the chance to interact when he was mayor of Davao City for 23 years.
The President said he has to be a dictator or else he won’t be able to achieve anything for the country.
Boasting of 16 million votes in the last elections, Duterte said he believes his style is acceptable to a majority of Filipinos. His iron fist approach, he added, is much needed in the fight against illegal drugs and corruption. Chaos would ensue, he warned, if he …