Women around the world are burning headscarves to mark No Hijab Day, in solidarity with those forced to wear a veil.
A wave of angry protest recently erupted in Iran when women climbed telecom boxes and waved their headscarves from poles to publicly object to wearing veil .
At least 29 women were arrested for taking part, sparking an international public outcry.
Now women are sharing videos of burning headscarves with the hashtag #NoHijabDay, a reaction to last week’s World Hijab Day event and the crackdown on women in Iran.
Anoud Al Ali, who describes herself as a bisexual, atheist ex-Muslim, posted a video of herself burning a hijab to social media with the caption “this is true happiness”.
Ms Al Ali, who grew up in the United Arab Emirates but now lives in France, described the veil as a “symbol of oppression” and said that if she refused to wear it at school she …