JAKARTA, Indonesia — Nearly a week after escaping from a notoriously overcrowded prison in Bali, an American citizen arrested in August on drug charges is back in police custody.
Chrishan Beasley, 32, was recaptured on the island of Lombok, Indonesia, about 100 miles east of where he had been awaiting trial, in Kerobokan Prison. The Indonesian police say they seized Mr. Beasley on Saturday in front of a budget hotel in the tourist town of Senggigi.
“We got him around 9:30 p.m. local time in a street outside of a homestay,” said Yudith Satria Hanata, the police chief in the Badung region, where the prison is located.
Overcrowded and underfunded, Indonesia’s prisons have seen hundreds of escape attempts of varying success this year. Most dramatic was a prison break in May when 440 inmates at a prison in Sumatra reportedly escaped when they were released from Friday Prayer.
In June four prisoners escaped from …