Seawater desalination can be integrated into a solar thermal energy plant using a variety of desalination technologies. Is solar-driven multi-effect distillation a financially feasible solution for water-stressed Namibia?
A research study from Stellenbosch University finds that a 100 MW concentrated solar power (CSP) plant adapted to also “co-generate” water via multi-effect distillation (MED) would potentially be financially viable for Namibia given a world class solar resource at Arandis, where state utility NamPower plans a solar park close to the demand.
Including multi-effect distillation would add relatively little extra cost to that of a standalone CSP plant in Namibia, the authors of Integrating desalination with concentrating solar thermal power: A Namibian case study find in a study published at Renewable Energy in January 2018.
CSP is the thermal form of solar that makes electricity by powering a conventional power block, but instead of fossil fuel, uses just sunlight.(How CSP delivers solar at night.)
The feasibility …