Sweden first issued an advisory pamphlet on how to cope with the outbreak of war in the 1940s. The pamphlet was delivered to every Swedish household, telling them how to prepare for and act in a national crisis. Of course, in 1991 when the Cold War ended, the leaflet was discontinued.
But after 30 years where the pamphlet fell into redundancy, the Swedish government has decided to resurrect it.
Sweden is now reissuing the pamphlet—named Om kriget kommer (If War Comes)—to every household in Sweden during the country’s Emergency Preparedness Week in the end of May this year. It will be delivered to some 4.7 million Swedish households.
The government decided that there’s a growing need for people to know how “to prepare for a crisis and threat of war,” says Christina Andersson, a spokesperson for the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, the government administrative authority tasked with producing the new version of the …