(AhlulBayt News Agency) – A video showing a soldier removing a suicide belt from a terrified seven-year-old boy has emerged and it’s incredibly moving. 
The video which has been released by the Iraqi army shows a courageous soldier in Mosul, Syria, ordering a frightened child to raise his arms while he disarms the lethal bomb.
The moving footage shows the soldier taking off the shaken boy’s t-shirt and asking him to hold still, while he tackles the suicide belt.
After advising the boy to ‘keep your arms up son’ the soldier unravels a bandage which is wrapped around the little boy’s waist, to reveal the set of explosives strapped to his torso.
The boy who is clearly terrified, exclaims ‘no, no uncle,’ as the soldier reveals the detonator attached to the child’s body.
Remaining calm and focused in a fraught situation, the soldier tries to calm the stricken boy down.
He says:
He then clips the wire, safely …