A speech by London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been disrupted by protesters shouting pro-Brexit and Pro-Donald Trump slogans.
Mr Khan’s address to a Fabian Society conference in London had to be suspended for several minutes as a result of the incident.
As he took to the podium to begin his speech, a number of people got up from the audience and reportedly started holding up American flags and calling for the Mayor to be arrested.
The demonstrators, from a group called the White Pendragons, were then escorted from the venue by police.
It comes a day after the London Mayor, a long-term opponent of Mr Trump, said the US President had “got the message” that Londoners opposed his views and policies as he cancelled a planned visit to the capital.
Mr Khan the visit would have been hampered by “mass peaceful protests” as Mr Trump’s controversial views were the “polar opposite” of the city’s values.
The President said …