French president Emmanuel Macron charmed the Chinese public by delivering his climate slogan “make our planet great again” in Mandarin during a three-day visit to China.
A short video Macron posted on social media went viral among Chinese internet users, who were impressed with the French president’s efforts to learn a phrase in their language.
Macron forged the slogan – an echo of US president Donald Trump’s “make America great again” – last year to show his continued support for the Paris Agreement in the face of Trump’s decision to withdraw the US.
Observers hoping for new climate change initiatives were disappointed by a joint statement from Macron and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, however.
Climate activists have pinned high hopes on the two leaders to renew political momentum for the international climate treaty that aims to limit global temperature rise within 2C, despite the White House.
Yet in their joint statement, released by Xinhua News Agency on Wednesday, Macron and Xi focused on …