Theresa May is under renewed pressure to omit international students from the immigration figures after new research claims the benefits are “10 times greater than the cost”.
The major study concluded that “almost every part” of the British economy benefits from the cash brought in by overseas students – totalling around £20bn each year.
The figures will likely be met with alarm in Downing Street as the Prime Minister becomes increasingly isolated in the Cabinet over the the policy she has championed of counting international students in the official data. 
In the research – jointly published by the Higher Education Policy Institute and Kaplan International Pathways – the costs and benefits of international students are analysed by parliamentary constituencies. 
After taking out the “cost” of international students, including health and social security costs, which amount to £2.3bn, the net impact of hosting international students in the UK amount to £20.3bn. 
The report also shows that international students benefit all areas …