LUND 2017-11-16 Polis på plats utanför domkyrkan i Lund på torsdagsmorgonen. En kvinna misstänks ha blivit utsatt för ett sexualbrott vid Lunds domkyrka i natt. Vi får se vad det blir för brottsrubricering i slutänden. Vi misstänker att det kan vara så att det skett en våldtäkt, säger Calle Persson, informatör vid polisens ledningscentral för region Syd. Foto: Johan Nilsson / TT / Kod 50090

The agency has the task of finding out whether the increase related to specific types of sexual offences, certain situations, or certain groups of perpetrators, though exactly how it measures these factors will be up to Brå.
The number of sexual offences reported to police in Sweden has risen steadily over recent decades.
In some cases, this could be due to the way in which sexual crimes are reported in Sweden or an increase in awareness about this kind of crime meaning more victims feel able to come forward.
However, it is unlikely that this is the full explanation for the rise, since the past four years have also seen an overall increase in exposure to sexual offences, according to the Swedish Crime Survey, also carried out by Brå. This report is based on survey answers rather than police reports, and aims to give a more …