A Tim Hortons franchise in Scarborough has informed staff they will no longer be eligible to accept tips in the wake of Ontario's minimum wage hike.

A Scarborough-based Tim Hortons has banned employees from accepting tips and will strip them of paid breaks in response to a $2.40 wage hike, the Star has learned.
The revelation comes as the parent company of Canada’s favourite coffee chain accuses “rogue groups” of failing to reflect “the values of our brand.”
Employees at the franchise located at Lawrence Ave. E. and Markham Rd. have been told that as of 2018, there would be “no more tips” and that any tips “must go in to the till.” The instructions posted on a bulletin board also say breaks will no longer be compensated “in light of the new minimum wage increase,” according to documents seen by the Star.
Employers can decide if tipping is allowed in their businesses. If tipping is not accepted, the employer should make it clear to customers that gratuities will not be accepted by employees or the employer, according …