Julian Assange may be forced to leave Ecuador’s London Embassy, where he has been receiving asylum for the past five years.
The country is pursuing a third party—country or individual—to facilitate Assange’s move from the United Kingdom, according to a Tuesday teleSUR report.
“The foreign minister of Ecuador, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, said they are seeking the mediation of a third country or personality so that Julian Assange can leave the embassy in London,” a teleSUR representative tweeted Tuesday morning of his interview with the foreign minister.
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The move for Assange could reportedly be a result of the WikiLeaks founder’s involvement in politics.
Ecuador’s newly elected president Lenin Moreno issued several warnings to the Australian asking him to refrain from commenting on politics relating to Ecuador’s allies.
In a September tweet, Assange responded to the requests, saying, “If President Moreno wants to gag my reporting of human …