MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Rape survivors in India continue to be subjected to intrusive tests that the government and courts banned years ago, campaigners said Wednesday.
The Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that the “two-finger test”, which involves a doctor inserting fingers into the vagina to determine if the victim is sexually active, violated the right to privacy.
The government in 2014 issued fresh guidelines that did away with the practice, which is primarily a virginity test, saying it “had no bearing on a case of sexual violence”.
The guidelines also directed investigators to focus more on victim and witness testimonies, rather than relying on physical examinations to check for injuries to the genital area.
Yet, the two-finger test continues to be performed, victim testimonies are given little weight and investigators are “preoccupied with genital injuries”, said more than 50 activists and experts in a letter to India’s …