This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.
While the critics are bloviating over how a minimum wage hike affects billionaires, it seems that some Canadians aren’t ready to get over their anger at Tim Hortons.
Last week, in response to a minimum wage hike in Ontario, some franchise owners, including the co-founders’ married children, decided to strip their workers of paid breaks and cut back their benefits. Ontario’s minimum wage jumped to $14 an hour at the beginning of the year. This jump—introduced in a November bill and seen by some as a way for Ontario Premier [head of government of a province or territory] Kathleen Wynne to gain some votes going into an upcoming election—will see wages jump to $15 an hour in 2019.
Now, in response to those actions, some Tim Hortons owners are facing down rallies and boycotts planned by labor activists and some everyday Canadians.
Most of the …