When Iranian authorities cracked down on the internet this month in an attempt to suppress unrest, tech entrepreneur Milad Nouri did what he has grown accustomed to doing: He found a way around the censors.
Like other Iranians dependent on the web, Nouri was at first set back when the Supreme National Security Council restricted access to social media applications and servers commonly used to bypass Iran’s cloistered internet.
“We weren’t able to communicate to our users and we lost payments,” Nouri said.
It took the 32-year-old three days to find a different server to host his mobile app design company, which employs 15 people, allowing him to again evade government censors and get his business back up and running.
As authorities have tried to govern the internet, Iranians have over the years become adept at circumventing online censorship. But as more Iranians use the internet — and the internet plays a bigger role …