Labourers at a silicon-manganese alloy factory load coal onto carts as part of the production process in Longsheng, southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, May 26, 2007. REUTERS/Nir Elias

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China said 27 of its 31 regions met their greenhouse gas reduction targets aimed at combating global warming in 2016, the country’s climate change regulator said in a notice on Monday.
China is the world’s biggest source of greenhouse gases and in 2016 published a plan for its 31 regions to accelerate the development of non-fossil fuel energy, tackle greenhouse gases in the agricultural sector and boost forest coverage.
China has pledged to cut carbon dioxide produced per unit of GDP growth by 18 percent over 2016-2020 and to cap total energy consumption at 5 billion tonnes of standard coal equivalent by the end of the decade, up from 4.3 billion tonnes in 2015.
Among the regions rated as “excellent” were the cities of Beijing and Shanghai and the major manufacturing provinces of Zhejiang in east China and Guangdong on the southeast coast.
But the remote …