It might be small, but it has everything Jess Puddister and Tim Ward want and need — except a place to roll out the welcome mat. 
The Newfoundland couple has been told their tiny home is too small for the town they want to live in.
The pair spends evenings and weekends working on their 30-by-8.5-foot home, which sits on a trailer and can be towed to a permanent location once completed.
It has enough space for a living room with a sectional couch, standard bathroom and a kitchen larger than Puddister enjoys in her current apartment. 
“And from the ground up it’s 13-and-a-half feet tall, so it’s quite tall when you get inside, and there’s two loft spaces, so we’ll actually have room for guests.”
With the lofts included, that’s a grand total of 360 square feet of living space. 
Tiny homes have been growing in popularity across Canada in recent years for their affordability and energy efficiency.
It’s …