The human body cannot regenerate entire bones, but doctors in northern Israel are using innovative tissue-engineering technology to grow new bones, in a lab.
In what is said to be the first procedure of its kind in the world, doctors at Afula’s Emek Medical Center have injected a patient with lab-grown bone tissue made of the patient’s own fat cells, to replace a missing section of his shinbone that was lost in a car accident.
The mind-blowing procedure was possible thanks to a revolutionary technology called BonoFill,  developed by the Haifa-based biotechnology company Bonus BioGroup. Through their groundbreaking tech, a 3D high-density bone graft can be developed from the patient’s own fat cells and regenerated in a lab, in the span of two weeks.
The patient had been missing 2 inches (5 centimeters) of his tibia due to his injuries. Dr. Nimrod Rozen, Head of Orthopedics at Emek, led the surgery in late December.