An Israeli musician has blamed Italian airline Alitalia after her 17th century viola emerged “savagely vandalized” from the flight.
In a Facebook post Wednesday, Myrna Herzog posted photos of her severly damaged “original 17th century Lewis viola da gamba,” which she said looked like “a car ran over it.”
Herzog said the damage occurred even though the airline had assured her that the instrument would be “taken by hand into the plane and out of it.” Photos of the instrument she posted to Facebook showed it was being transported in a protective case and had a large “fragile” sticker on it.
She said Alitalia has refused to take responsibility and claimed it “hates musicians.”
Herzog implored others to share her post, prompting a backlash against the company by social media users.
In response to a post on its Facebook page, Alitalia said, “We regret what happened with Mrs. Myrna Herzog and we are carrying …