In a shocking moment right before its net neutrality vote, a security team abruptly evacuated the FCC’s high-profile hearing.
“On advice of security, we need to take a brief recess,” Chairman Ajit Pai told the room, as a live feed of the hearing cut out. Security told everyone in the room to exit, and to leave their belongings behind.
A stream from The Washington Post showed a security team scanning the room, as dogs were called in for a search.
The reason for the evacuation wasn’t immediately clear. Reporters present said they were ushered into a hallway outside the meeting room. The FCC commissioners were reportedly escorted out through a back door.
After a few minutes, security returned everyone to the room.
“Sorry for the interruption,” Pai said. “We were acting on the recommendation of the Federal Protective Service. But we can now reconvene.”
“Where was I?” he said, catching …