One hundred years ago, following the Russian Revolution, the Republic of Finland was born. On 6 December 1917 Finland became a nation state with its own identity, language, cuisine, traditions and culture.
#Suomi100 has been tweeted almost 33,000 times in the past week, and #Finland100 almost 14,000 times.
So what is unique about Finland? Five Finns tell us their favourite things about their country from the “real” home of Santa Claus, to the Finnish baby box.
1. 187,888 lakes
“My favourite thing about Finland is its many lakes,” says photographer Jason Tillikainen, who lives in Joensuu in the south east of Finland. “I love how they change throughout the year, providing amazingly tranquil scenes that inspire my photography.
“There’s also nothing quite like coming out of a hot sauna and jumping right into the cool and fresh water. Good times!”
2. “Finnish babies nap outside”
Finland is the home of baby box. “The history dates …