While the US seems to be busy unraveling progressive net neutrality protections passed during the Obama administration, India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is putting down roots for one of the strongest net neutrality frameworks in the world.
In a detailed set of recommendations released earlier this week, TRAI does many things: outlines the need for such a framework, sets out its design and scope, proposes actual text for insertion into license conditions of telecom companies and envisions new bodies for its implementation.
TRAI has been viewed as a global leader on the issue since February 2016, when it passed a regulation prohibiting data offers that charged different prices depending on the content being accessed, effectively killing Facebook’s Free Basics. The present recommendations are strident enough to cement that view.
Non-discrimination rule and exceptions
The principle of non-discriminatory treatment is at the heart of TRAI’s framework. This has been arrived at for its …