A memoir by then Japanese Emperor Hirohito about Japan’s slide into the second world war fetched US$275,000 at an auction in New York on Wednesday.
The 173-page document, written in pencil by an aide to the emperor in the spring of 1946, was sold to Japanese plastic surgeon Katsuya Takasu, according to auction house Bonhams.
Takasu said in Tokyo that “it feels like it’s finally coming home”.
He said he was trying to figure out how to give it to the only grandson of current Emperor Akihito, because there was a limit on gifts to the imperial family.
Takasu said he had no plans to show the work to the public.
The memoir, also known as The Emperor’s Monologue covers events ranging from the 1928 assassination by Japanese militarists of Zhang Zuolin, the Chinese warlord who ruled Manchuria, to Japan’s war defeat in August 1945.
According to Bonhams, the two-volume notebooks are the only full record …