The suspicious package that prompted a large-scale evacuation of the Christmas market in  Potsdam was apparently sent by people who wanted to extort millions from German-based global shipping company DHL, German authorities said on Sunday.
“The good news is it that we can say, with all likelihood, that the package was not aimed at the Christmas market,” said Brandenburg’s Interior Minister, Karl-Heinz Schröter.
“The bad news is: it was a blackmail attempt targeting the DHL delivery service,” he added.
Authorities found the parcel after it was delivered to a pharmacy in downtown Potsdam. The item contained a QR code which can be scanned with a mobile device to reveal information. On Sunday, police said they detonated the package in a controlled explosion and that they still had to reassemble the “hundreds” of pieces of the destroyed QR code in order to scan it.
The information hidden in the code indicated the bomb was “definitely” a blackmail …