More than 1,400 mistakes are being recorded by maternity staff in hospitals in England each week on average. For some families, those errors can have life-changing consequences.
“Every single day we have to live with the fact that we’re a victim of the NHS,” Adam Asquith tells the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme.
Adam and his fiancee, Sarah Ellis, were expecting their first child in 2014.
“When I first fell pregnant, everything was amazing. We were over the Moon,” Sarah says.
When she went into labour, the pair headed to Calderdale Royal Hospital, in Halifax.
But once there, Sarah was left waiting on a busy maternity ward – even though she told staff she was concerned she couldn’t feel her baby moving.
“We were left for six hours, we didn’t really know anything, they just told us and reassured us that everything was OK,” she says.
Gino was finally delivered by Caesarean section.
But Sarah and …