A former Tory MP and UKIP politician has been found guilty of election fraud.
Bob Spink, 69, former MP for Castle Point, Essex, committed the offences during the Castle Point borough council elections in May last year.
A jury at Southwark Crown Court found him guilty of four counts of permitting a false signature to be included on a nomination form for a UKIP councillor.
UKIP agent James Parkin, 38, of Canvey Island, was also convicted.
He was found guilty on two counts of the same charge.
Judge Ian Graham said: “These types of offences are taken very seriously.”
Jurors heard Spink tricked “elderly and infirm” voters into signing the forms in April 2016, without making it clear what the documents were or which party he represented.
The court heard people in Spink’s constituency signed forms believing they were petitions, and having no idea they were supporting the UKIP candidate in the Castle Point council elections.
Spink …