The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has published its recommendations for upholding net neutrality guidelines (PDF) across the country today, and boy, do they look good – for consumers, that is.
The country has been tussling with the issue of regulating internet service providers’ ability to throttle traffic and create fast lanes for specific sources of content; TRAI has previously sought comments from the public on how to shape its rules. Today, it’s recommended that all ISPs should adhere to the principle of non-discriminatory treatment of content.
That means no blocking or throttling content, and no fast lanes for content sources that offer to pay for the privilege (with an exclusion for content delivery networks). Additionally, the agency has suggested the creation of a committee consisting of representatives of ISPs, content providers, and consumer groups to police net neutrality violations across the country.
With that, India is one step closer to ensuring …