Less than a decade ago, even talk of re-election was enough to get a Honduran president overthrown.
Now Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez appears likely to win a second term on Sunday as well as bolstering the strength of his conservative National Party across the board.
“Hernandez is not just trying to win presidential re-election, he’s trying to expand his power from top to bottom, including in the legislature and at the mayoral level,” said James Bosworth, the founder of Hxagon, a consulting firm that does predictive analysis in emerging markets.
Fears of just that sort of consolidation — but by left-wing rivals — led Hernandez’s own party to back a military coup in 2009 against a president it accused of plotting to violate Honduras’s seemingly iron-clad constitutional ban on re-election.
The country’s highest court backed the 2009 ouster of Manuel Zelaya. But the current court — packed with …