One in three backpackers and a quarter of foreign students working in Australia are being paid about half the minimum wage or less, a study has said.
The study, billed as the most comprehensive of its kind, found that wage theft of temporary migrants is endemic in Australia.
Overall, conditions are worst for those employed in food services and on farms, and for workers from Asian countries.
Authorities have urged foreign workers to report cases of exploitation.
More than 4,300 workers from 107 countries were surveyed in the “Wage Theft in Australia” report, conducted by law professors at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and University of New South Wales (UNSW).
It found a third of backpackers were paid A$12 (£6.80, $9) per hour or less, well below the legal minimum rate of A$22.13 for casual staff.
On average, Asian workers received lower wages than people from English-speaking countries.
Survey respondents also reported other violations that could …