BABY boomers are blocking ways of solving the housing crisis facing the young because they ‘live in another world’, Sajid Javid said yesterday.
Older people oppose development projects and unfairly accuse millennials of spending on ‘nights out and smashed avocados’ instead of saving for deposits, the communities secretary claimed. He said boomers ‘who have long since paid off their own mortgage’ are ‘not facing up to the reality of modern life’.
‘Without affordable, secure, safe housing we risk creating a rootless generation,’ said the MP (pictured).
‘The young don’t want the world handed to them on a plate. Building the homes that we need does not mean ruining vast tracts of beautiful countryside.
‘It just means working with local communities and finding the right sites on which to do so.’
Figures released yesterday showed 217,000 homes were completed last year — up 27,000 on 2015.
But charity Shelter warned that the proportion of new properties within …