A nuclear accident in Russia has been blamed for sending a radioactive cloud over Europe, French authorities have revealed.
The radioactive pollution was noticed by European authorities from the end of September to mid-October.
Levels of ruthenium 106, which comes from the nuclear industry, were found in France and other European countries between September 27 and October 13.
French nuclear safety institute IRSN said the unusual cloud is likely to have come after a nuclear incident, due to the sudden and high levels of the chemical element.
This map shows the probable origin of the cloud
It ruled out an accident in a nuclear reactor, saying it was likely to be in a nuclear fuel treatment site or centre for radioactive medicine.
There has been no impact on human health or the environment in Europe, the IRSN said.
IRSN, the technical arm of French nuclear regulator ASN, said it could not pinpoint the location of the …