Vienna (AFP) – Iran remains in compliance with the landmark 2015 nuclear deal, a UN watchdog report showed Monday, four weeks after US President Donald Trump refused to certify the agreement.
The quarterly International Atomic Energy Agency update confirmed that key parameters of Iran’s nuclear programme remained within the limits of the accord with major powers.
The restricted report, seen by AFP, said Iran “has not enriched” uranium above low levels and that its stockpile of enriched uranium was under the agreed limit of 300 kilogrammes (660 pounds).
Uranium when “enriched” to high purities can be used in a nuclear weapon. At low purities it can be used for peaceful applications such as power generation, Iran’s stated aim.
The new IAEA report said that the number of enrichment centrifuges installed at Iran’s Natanz site remained below the upper limit of 5,060 during the reporting period.
The volume of heavy water — a reactor coolant — …